These past few days we have said welcome to new faces at the party. This Friday our first round will occur and we are just very excited to get to know you all better as you interact with the community. I like to spend time in the telegram as I spend most of the day on my pc.

We encourage you to interact with the Gitbook as we think this is something unique and needs time to be thought about. The Gitbook also gives a showcase into the future of parties and rewards utility of the token.It is almost like my thoughts into how the future of blockchain is a focus on governance. We enjoy open discussion about governance in the Telegram.

As for Friday (5/14), the portal will open at 9 AM EST. I hope you stay up, maybe have a good evening with friends then hop on the computer and check out the portal. Or perhaps, you hop out of bed and grab a coffee before handling the day. Crypto invites the world to act as whole, we hope that PolkaParty embodies that. Just fill out the portal and make sure you read through KYC and such legal documents. I know this current market is incredibly viral and we want to thank our early community members like you for being part of the process. SAFT agreements will be sent to those after the portal times out and they pass KYC. If you have any more questions I’ll be available in Telegram. Again, thank you everyone for being here.

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The ultimate goal throughout the PolkaParty experience is allowing all users to become easily integrated into the entire ecosystem of DeFi.